Discover the Hidden Gems Along Amiens Road This Autumn

Discover the Hidden Gems Along Amiens Road This Autumn >

Autumn is the perfect time for exploration and adventure, and what better place to start than the scenic Amiens Road? Stretching through the heart of Stanthorpe, this route is dotted with unique attractions that promise an unforgettable journey. From the sweet allure of local honey to the rich taste of boutique beers and the serene beauty of historic sites, Amiens Road offers a treasure trove of experiences.

The Hidden Jewels of Amiens Road

  • Les’ Honey Shack: Dive into the world of pure, raw honey with a visit to Les’ Honey Shack. Discover a variety of flavours, all harvested locally, and experience the sweet taste of the Granite Belt.
  • Granite Belt Brewery: For craft beer enthusiasts, Granite Belt Brewery is a must-visit. Enjoy a selection of boutique beers, cosy accommodations, and delicious dining options.
  • Robert Channon Wines & Ravenscroft Wines: Wine lovers rejoice! These wineries offer a delightful tasting experience, showcasing the best of local viticulture.
  • Amiens Legacy Centre & St Denys Anglican Church: Immerse yourself in the rich history of the region with a visit to these cultural landmarks.

Additional Must-Visit Spots

Why Visit During Autumn?

Autumn is a time of renewal and discovery, and Amiens Road encapsulates this spirit perfectly. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a history buff, or simply in need of a tranquil getaway, this route offers something for everyone.

Stay at R&R on the Ravine

After a day of exploration, there’s no better place to unwind than R&R on the Ravine. Our cosy cabins provide a serene backdrop for relaxation, offering the perfect blend of comfort and nature. Whether you’re enjoying a breakfast platter on your private deck or cozying up by the fireplace, R&R on the Ravine is your home away from home.

Amiens Road is a journey through the heart of Stanthorpe’s beauty and heritage that will lead you through a landscape of culinary delights, natural beauty, and historical intrigue. And when the day is done, let R&R on the Ravine be your sanctuary of peace and comfort.

Ready to explore the wonders of Amiens Road and enjoy a memorable stay at R&R on the Ravine? Contact us to book your Autumn getaway today!